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Preparing for Eye Exams: What to Expect During LASIK Evaluations

LASIK is also known as laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. It is a popular eye surgical procedure. It corrects vision problems like farsightedness and nearsightedness. A comprehensive evaluation is necessary to ensure candidacy for the procedure. 

Living with Low-Lying Lids? Upneeq Might Be Your Solution

As we begin to delve into the world of optometry, low-lying lids, also known as ptosis, is a term we may come across frequently. Low-lying lids refer to the drooping of one or both of the upper eyelids. In severe cases, it can significantly obstruct vision and pose a serious threat to an individual's quality of life.

Why are My Eyes Turning Red, and How can I get Them to Stop?

There are several reasons why your eyes can turn red. When your eyes turn red, it's not just the color that changes.

Exploring Alternative Treatments for Dry Eye Syndrome: From Lifestyle Changes to Advanced Procedures

Dry eye affects tens of millions worldwide, about 16 million of them in America. It can become intense, affecting your quality of life, depending on the severity. There is no set rule book on treating the condition, as it is often chronic and has no specific cure. However, some treatments are more effective than others, and some only work on one particular form of dry eye.

A Guide to Myopia Management: Using Atropine and MiSight® Contact Lenses

Myopia is a common condition that develops early in childhood and can impact your life through adulthood. The best way to deal with myopia early is through myopia management. It is a strategy to slow the condition's progression using different protocols. Two successful ways to manage myopia are through atropine and MiSight® contact lenses. Early diagnosis of the illness is crucial before it begins to progress. Not treating it early predisposes your child to much more complex and severe visual conditions later in life.

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